ScotiaHockey NHL VISA Card

Choose your favourite team card and receive ScotiaHockey Rewards

ScotiaHockey NHL VISA Card

Overview of credit card features

  • Annual Fee
  • Additional Cards Fee
  • Annual interest rate
  • Cash Advances
  • General Points Reward
  • Travel Medical Insurance
  • Travel Accident Insurance
  • Trip Cancellation Insurance
  • Vehicle Rental Insurance
  • Travel Family Insurance
  • Extended Warranty (1 Year)

This card is good for:

  • Those who enjoy NHL games and would like a discount at the official NHL online store
  • Those who use AVIS car rental services will save an additional 20%

Editor`s Review

NHL fans will enjoy this card as it provides 20% off purchases at the NHL's official online store, including 20% off NHL game tickets. Select your favourite NHL team and get 3,000 ScotiaHockey Reward points on your first purchase and join the “VIP NHL club”.

Should you need to rent a car, this card can save you up to 20% off your AVIS car rental so that you can get to your NHL games on time. This discount is applicable at participating AVIS car rental locations across the world.

You will receive 1 ScotiaHockey Rewards point for every $1 on ScotiaHockey NHL VISA card purchases. This means that every $5,000 in purchases will give you a free NHL game ticket (5,000 points to redeem 1 NHL Game Ticket).

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