BMO SPC CashBack MasterCard

Earn bonus $50 Cash Back

BMO SPC CashBack MasterCard

Overview of credit card features

  • Annual Fee
  • Annual interest rate
  • Cash Advances
  • General Cash Back Percentage
  • Extended Warranty (1 Year)
  • Purchase Protection (90 days)

This card is good for:

  • Students looking for a first credit card in order to build a credit history
  • Students who do not wish to pay annual fees
  • Students who want to get discounts of 10%-15% at hundreds of preferred stores
  • Students who would like to get cash back on their purchases

Editor`s Review

This card is a great option for students who are just starting out building their credit history - there is no letter of reference or parent signature required. The card has no annual fee, and it allows students to save 10%-15% in most of their favourite stores. What’s more, students receive a $1 back for every $100 spent, with no restrictions or limits on spending.

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